Vacant properties pose significant risks for the property owners. If not locked or surveyed occasionally, unwanted break-ins can occur. If a property remains unoccupied for a long time, it can give rise to vandalism, illegal occupancy and even become a hiding place for criminals.

According to professional locksmiths, the security of a vacant property is essential. Making smart moves can help you secure your unoccupied property without hassle. Here are a few smart tips from locksmiths that you should certainly keep in mind to secure your vacant property completely.

Tips to secure your vacant property

Install new locks

If you’re planning to keep the property vacant for a long time, it is advisable that you install new and advanced locks at the major points. Regular door locks can be picked or drilled by burglars, making automatic or biometric locks are a more secure option. Make sure you lock up the windows and other openings of the property properly so that there are no instances of unwanted entry inside the premises.

Inform the neighbours

When leaving a property vacant for a long time, it is important to inform the neighbours and the local police station. If necessary, install a loud alarm system that will definitely wake up the neighbours at night.

Construct concrete barriers

Constructing a concrete barrier in and around the property will ensure complete protection. It prevents acts of illegal dumping, squatters, and camping. It also prevents criminals from trespassing on the premises.

Install 24/7 CCTV systems

Visible cameras at every corner of the property are a major necessity.By adding a 24/7 HD quality CCTV camera, you can gain access on your mobile phone and check the activities in and around the property. In case of any burglary, you can check the footage later to verify the activity on your premises.

Use a security lighting system

If there are security lights around the premises of the unoccupied property, a trespasser will think twice before barging in. These lights provide a level of illumination that clearly identifies objects and persons even from a distance. You can install either a floodlight or a low-pressure sodium vapour light at the entrance and exit points of the property to give outsiders an idea that the property is under surveillance.

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