Are your windows becoming misty? Replacing your windows may feel like a daunting task when your double glazing starts to fail. It’s important to pay attention to your windows for any faults to avoid expensive repairs. You can seek professional help for high-quality window repair in Exeter. Ignoring even a small crack or minimal condensation in windows can cause some serious issues.

Why Should You Repair Your Misty or Damaged Double Glazing?

Enhanced Security

A damaged lock can risk the safety and security of your property. Besides, potential burglars or intruders can easily target a home with a cracked window pane. This is the foremost reason you should contact a professional expert as soon as possible to repair your window.

Elevates the Property’s Appearance

When the window lock starts to fail, you will notice foggy or misty window panes. This can hinder natural light and visibility. You can ensure your home looks like a new one by maintaining windows in its best condition.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Properly sealed double glazing can reduce noise pollution by nearly 75%. So, if you want to relax in your home with peace and less sound, don’t compromise with a damaged double glazing window.


Damaged windows can result in increased electricity consumption. How well your windows are sealed plays an important role in this. You can avoid such issues with timely window repairs.

Why does double glazing mist up?

Double glazing sealed units have broken down or failed when you notice moisture or misting between the two double-glazed glass panes. You cannot expect it to work without a sealed unit. There can be several reasons for a broken seal, like the window frame’s condition and age, or there may be any manufacturing defect. Incorrect window installation or using a chemical cleaning material on the window can also damage the seal.

Can you replace window locks?

Typically window locks have two components. The handles have locks, but these don’t secure your windows from external access. They just prevent anyone already inside the property from opening the window. Espagnolette or mushroom bolts are the most common methods of locking the window. They are majorly replaceable. The experts can help you with the best advice.

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